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About the book

What people are saying…

“We used BIGGER for bible study this past summer. Kristan’s writing style is conversational and her emotions and experiences feel authentic – I felt like she genuinely wants to share these things with us because they were such a big thing for her. I admire her willingness to be honest about her doubts and (her perceived) weaknesses. We had a lot of really good discussion around this study and it was definitely worth the price.”

The Bigger Workbook (personal and small group study) has just been released on Amazon and in your local bookstores. Find it here.

“Kristan’s authentic and real writing style allows the reader to really enjoy her message. Delivery is important and her timing and delivery is perfect in almost every part of the book. The message in the book is strong and really gave me the understanding and direction that made me see where my brokenness and vulnerability is really a tool to be used by God, not something that can hold me back. It builds a confidence and power in me that truly embodies the phrase, brokenness leads to bigger.”

“BIGGER is now a household word. My family and I are always trying to rely on God for the BIGGER in our lives. Kristan’s story has touched my life personally and has help me to seek a deeper relationship with Christ! A great read for all!”


Bigger was published by Morgan James Publishing and is available at…

Amazon      Barnes & Noble       Half Priced Books      Books A Million 


Now avaialble – the Bigger Workbook – your personal or small group workbook guide through Nehemiah’s process of rebuilding. Brokenness is hard and the process of rebuilding can be intense. Join Nehemiah at the feet of the Father and see what He has in store for you as you journey together through pain, hardship, unexpected loss and other broken pieces life has dealt.

Workbook available in all the above locations as well.


About the book

I love it when people ask me what I’ve titled my book. The look on their face is the same look I had when I first felt God whisper, “bigger,” to my broken heart that cold morning in January. Only twenty-four hours before, we had met Yosselin. Facing extreme devastation, Yosselin’s family invited us into the brokenness surrounding them. What else do you do when you’ve just found out your nine year-old grand-daughter has cancer?


God had more in store for Yosselin’s family than a broken house, a broken diagnosis, and a broken future. He had bigger. Brokenness always leads to bigger, when we put it in the hands of the Master Rebuilder. Early on, I thought we journeyed towards bigger only on behalf of Yosselin.

Little did I know, bigger wasn’t only for them.

God doesn’t put a Band-Aid over what’s broken. Instead, if we let Him, He will gradually open our eyes to His blueprints. What He rebuilds stands strong. His walls don’t come down. No winds, rain, or storm can topple them. His rebuilding plan is always bigger.

Watch this video!

I am ruined for His rebuilding process. It pales in comparison to my own. I’ve surrendered my hands to the Master Rebuilder and because of that, brokenness is beginning to look different.

Everywhere we look, we see it. Brokenness. I have broken friends, with broken marriages. I serve broken families, with broken children. I’ve cried over broken promises and broken futures. I am broken. In too many ways to list out right here. We may live in a broken world, but we do not serve a broken God. We serve a God of bigger. He is more. More than we ever asked or imagined. What’s broken in our hands, become the perfect building material in His.

Three years ago, God invited me to journey toward bigger. Though sometimes scary, walking with Him shifted my perspective. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, I would say, I have surrendered more than any other year prior. I have cried more tears and dealt with more  raw emotion than ever before. I have struggled to understand and overcome the fear of the unknown, but I won’t quit. BIGGER, whispers my name. During dark moments, it calls out to me. Reminding me there’s more. He’s able, faithful and always working.

We serve a God of bigger. There is always more; more of Him, more of His blessings, more of His healings, more of His redemption. And His promises are true, if we will keep our hands off, He will take what’s broken and rebuild it to be more than we ever asked or imagined possible.


“God can do anything, you know far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.” (Ephesians 3:20 MSG)

(Oh and FYI – Yosselin just celebrated 3 years cancer free!) 

God is Bigger!