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About Me




My Favorite Things

My family: Dave, Ella (10), Addilyn (8)

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My home: Cincinnati, Ohio (all my life)

My loves: Jesus, reading, writing, teaching, running, boating, laughing, friends, victoria secret sweatpants, chocolate covered blueberries, coffee

My fears: spreadsheets, tornados (good thing I’m in Ohio), sharks (it’s a real thing! Some nice man caught one within feet of my girls at the beach this year! and YES, that’s my Addy “petting” the nice shark!),


My life: I spent 2012 writing a book for you, 2013 rewriting it for myself (after realizing God was more concerned with what He was saying to me than through me), 2014 surrendering my life, my family, my calling, my writing, my job (a couple of times) and my expectations of what the future might look like. With empty hands, it became easy to offer my work up. Thus, the future seems it will become years of continual, offering. “Here is my story Lord, do what you see fit with it.”